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Where does the time go?

Hello All,

   A friend just reminded me that it has been awhile since I blogged. Where does the time go? 

 Is it just me or is life getting even busier than it already has been?

Today I drew the Judgement Card. Time for all of us to let go of the past. We have all been hurt by both situations and people; many times if we have lived long enough. Our human tendency is to hold on to the hurt and pain. We say that we "Forgive" but we don't "Forget." Of course it is beneficial to remember certain circumstances so as not to repeat them if they have been a problem in the past. Other than that, holding on to the past is a useless and often harmful way to live.

In order for us to move on and to grow, the past must be left in the past. Looking forward is the vehicle for positive change. Since there is no way to change the past, it serves no purpose to dwell there or to take it into the present or future.

There is a whole new world that opens to us each and every day. Today is a brand new day with infinite possibilites. Find what your passion is or the passion that has been put on the back burner because of life responsibity. I believe that passion is one of the main ingredients of happiness in this physical existence. It revives us, excites us and gets the blood flowing. It makes us feel alive. Find your passion and go for it.

And the past..........well that 's old news.

Love and light,

Rev. Lynn

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