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'Tis the Season

It is that time of year again, when our thoughts turn to the Christ and his message of love and forgiveness.

At this time, we are reminded that we are all connected no matter what our differences, and how important it is for us to honor and respect the beliefs of others.

God made so many different kinds of people, why would he choose only one way to serve him.

In our hurry to buy gifts and prepare for party's and dinners, it is easy to forget the true meaning of Christmas and to let stress make this holiday a strain rather than a blessing.

This year please pray for those fighting in far away lands, and for those who have lost jobs, homes, life savings and often


If every person performed one kind act before the end of 2009. think of all the people who would be blessed, especially those who give.

Have a wonderful holiday season to those of all faiths who celebrate at this time and wishes for an enlightened New Year.

Love and light,

Rev. Lynn

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