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The Paradox of Unification

Unity is already present…always!

We often see that within a group or community there are those who are always calling for unity. They say, “We should be united and stand as one on this”. And yet they themselves are not in unity with everyone else as they themselves ‘react’ to the ‘disunited reactions’ of others. It means they are not united within themselves, they are not ‘at one’ within themselves and they project their internal fragmentation onto the group. They want something from the group and all ‘wanting’ is predicated on the false belief (albeit subconscious) that, “I am incomplete till I get what I WANT”. Paradoxically we are all already complete and behind surface appearances we are all already united. But we have lost our awareness of that completeness/oneness simply because we fixate on surface appearances. We cannot know our completeness and we cannot see or feel the unity and oneness in the world around us because we still ‘believe’ in division and separation. We still want our ‘self’ to be other than what we are and we still want ‘others’ to be other than what they are, and we still want the world to be other than what it is. It’s only when we quieten and resolve our inner, perceptual fragmentation (the voices of many false identities and numerous desires), accept all as it is, that we can look beyond surface appearances and see and know the underlying completeness of our self and the underlying oneness of ‘us all’ everywhere…at all times! Not an easy ‘insight’ to gain or achieve but a favourite of the mystics down through the ages!

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