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The Law of Attraction

Hello Everyone. Wishing you all well this morning. Well an interesting situation has occured. Two years ago my eyes were perfect except for some far sightedness and stigmatism. When I went for my normal eye exam suddenly there were problems. My eye pressure was very high and it was determined that I had a narrow angle problem which was preventing my eye fluid to drain properly thus causing the high pressure. This can be dangerous since a spike in the pressure can cause permanent sight loss. The doctor did a laser procedure where one tiny hole was made in each eye allowing the fluid to drain. Instantly the pressure went down and I was relieved. After waiting for 30 minutes, the pressure was rechecked and it was up to the same high levels. I was leaving for the family reunion the next day and was given steroid eye drops and told to come back in 3 weeks. I forgot about it all and had a great time at the reunion.

I had my check up visit two days ago and the pressure was still up. After examination, the doctor told me that my eye drains were not working properly and I would have to use eye drops for the rest of my life. The drops are beta blockers which is blood pressure medication and he said that if I put pressure into the corner of each eye after putting in the drops, I could  most likely prevent it from getting into my system.

This may not sound too bad in the grand scheme of things but I have gone totally holistic in the last three years and the last thing I ever wanted to do was to take medication for a lifetime. Very upsetting.

So why am I talking about this. Because if I am to practice what I preach, now is the time for positive thinking and using the Law of Attraction. All things are possible including getting off of this medication at some point. It brought home something to me that I would like to share. For the first couple of days, I could not think positive. I realized then that it was important to tell everyone to allow themselves some time after they hear bad news or have a bad experience to absorb it and basically get over the shock. After that time period, the rules of the Law of Attraction can be applied successfully. Many of you may already know that, but some people might be beating themselves up because they are unable to be positive right after an upsetting time.

I will also be using the "Emotional Freedom Technique" which I will be talking about at a later date for this problem.

So thanks for listening and I hope that it has been a help to you in some way.

Love and Blessings

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