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The Game of Life

Have you ever noticed each day is filled with many scenes – the scene of the office, the scene of the kitchen, the scene of the church, the scene of the tennis court, the scene of the seminar, the scene of the classroom, the scene where another is in great emotional pain etc. Every scene is an invitation and an opportunity to ‘play’ a different role affirming the oft quoted words of Shakespeare that ‘all the world’s a stage’ and we all get to play many parts…or something to that effect!

But what is the right role to play in each particular scene? And how do we play the role in the right way at the right moment? These are not questions that we tend to ask ourselves. How many roles can we play in our life? As many as we want! In fact we are not only going to ‘play’ our roles but we will ‘create’ our roles, which reminds us that life is essentially ‘playful’ and ‘creative’. But what do we tend to do? We tend to take life far too seriously. We forget that life is simply a game, a play, in which the participants (us all) receive a priceless opportunity to be creative and playful.

So why do we take life so seriously? Why are we not as playful as we could be? Why do we suppress our creativity? Why can we not see life as a game?

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