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Family Reunion 2009

Good Morning,

   Well the family reunion in Savannah, Georgia has come and gone. A wild and willy one this year. It started when the hotel didn't have the right room for my parents. That should have been a clue as to what was to come.

   My mom has trouble walking and the room they did give them was quite a long walk from the Lobby. Dad rented a wheel chair and that was a big help. We were lost trying to find the pharmacy, even with a GPS which was also acting crazy for the whole trip. We were talking to "Her" as if she were a live person.

    Then mom had two episodes of sleep walking, which we have found is a side effect of sleep medication, and was found twice by family members on two nights. First wandering around the halls in the middle of the night and then casually watching TV in the lobby at 1 am. Dad slept through both episodes. The days after she didn't remember a thing, even though she had had conversations while whe was asleep.

   After that we had a major fiasco with a River Boat ride which I had been assured would be perfectly fine for a disabled person was definitely was NOT FINE. It was a nightmare to put it mildly and it was 99 degrees that day. The actual boat ride and buffet lunch was very nice and my parents enjoyed it when we were finally able to get onto the boat.

   On the way home, my cousin noticed that the needle on the car dash was all the way up to hot, and on our 99 degree day, we had to ride home with the windows open and the heat blasting for 20 minutes to get the heat out of the engine. Needless to say, when we arrived at the hotel, we looked as if we had stuck our fingers into an electrical socket.

   After running to the room and putting my face into the air conditioner for 30 minutes, I finally cooled off and made my self presentable.

   In the meantime, my wonderful cousins tried to determine what was wrong with the car. They finally came to the conclusion that I had a bad thermostat. This was Saturday with no chance of getting a mechanic so we resigned ourselves to having to stay by ourselves until Monday with no car. The prospect was not pleasant. The cousins wouldn't hear of it and said they would change the thermostat which wasn't that hard to do. So on Sunday morning, they went to the parts store, picked one up and started to work. Two hours later, they were still trying to get the last bolt off the old thermostat and it didn't look good. Then as we were discussing our dilemma in the lobby and woman sitting there said her husband always carried tools on their trips and she would send him over. And behold, he had the perfect wrench which loosened the bolt. After that, it was a breeze for the boys to finish the job. Now my friends, that is called DIVINE INTERVENTION. I used my Law of Attraction to affirm that we would be leaving on Sunday with the rest of the family.

   Two of our cousins, who live close by, followed us for two hours of the trip home, just to make sure all was well. I really do have a fabulous family.

   Now for the good stuff. I loved seeing the family. Saw some that I hadn't seen in many years and met our brand new cousin  Francesca who we just found  and who came all the way from Montreal to be with us.  We had a great time laughing and talking. The food was wonderful including our family dinner at Cheddars restaurant and our BarBeQue on Saturday night. Have Tarot cards will travel and that was a good thing since I had lots of requests for readings. It isn't work to me. It is a labor of love. And as I mentioned earlier, everything that happened while on this trip just confirmed to me how very blessed I am to have such a loving and caring family. We live in a number of different states and cannot all see each other often, but when the chips are down, they are there to lend a hand without complaint. All of them had planned to leave earlier in the day, and never showed a sign that they had been inconvenienced in any way.

   To my awesome family......."I LOVE YOU ALL"

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