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Every day we turn on the news or read the newspaper and are bombarded with bad news and more bad news. Although I do not advocate completely hiding our heads in the sand, we CAN focus on the positive in our lives and count our blessings. For most of us, those blessings are many. How much more pleasant to dwell on the good that God has given us, than to spend our days thinking of all that is wrong in our lives and in the world.

The more grateful we are, the more blessings will flow into our lives. So I will take a few minutes today to list just a few of my blessings. It is not a complete list but a good start.

I am blessed wth:

Two eyes to see

Two ears to hear

Two legs and feet to walk

Two arms and hands to work

A voice to speak and sing

A mind to think and reason

A heart to love

A home that is my refuge and place of peace

A car for transportation

Food on the table

Loving family

Good friends

A wonderful man that I love and who loves me

Meaningful work

The ability to help others

Please join me and leave your message of gratitude for us to share.

Love and light,

Rev. Lynn

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