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Are You Awake?

Many of us go through life in a sleep like state. We allow our reality to be dictated by what we see on the news, read in the newspaper and hear from our schools,our government and  our places of worship.

We lose the ability to think for ourselves and also lose our connection to the inner voice which is our connection to the Creator.

Because of this, what we consider to be our "Beliefs" are actually not our own, but have been adopted from what we have been taught and the dictates of our society. We have only to look at the various societies to see the vast differences in beliefs depending on the society we are looking at. Also, if we look to previous times in our own society, what was unacceptable is now acceptable in many instances and our beliefs are constantly changing.

So how do we become awake? Begin by taking stock of what we believe. Does it really feel comfortable to us or do we just endure because we have been told it is right. If the answer is that we don't feel comfortable, we may begin by doing deep thinking. How do we really feel about the hot debates of the day? Do we have the courage to stand up and speak when it goes against the majority? Are we living our truth?

FInding our true personal beliefs frees us from bondage and allows us to connect to our Divine Source. Being awake also frees us from the human part of ourselves which is always the cause of our difficulties. Do you blame others for the unhappiness you experience? Do you compare yourself with others? Do you attempt to manipulate people and situations to your advantage? Do you look for certain emotions to fulfill some need like stating an argument to liven things up on a dull day?

Today, take a look within and find the areas in which you are not free. Think about how you can begin the process of being who you really are and living your truth. I welcome your comments and suggestions to others.


Rev. Lynn

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