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Have you ever noticed how some numbers seem to follow you throughout the course of your life?
 Numerology is a symbolic system, one of many tools we can use to better understand ourselves and our life purpose. Numbers possess a dual nature and can represent either a positive or a negative force. Exploring their meaning can help us discover and develop our potential and guide us through our jouney through life. Your LIfe Path number is your personal number. This number is a number that stays with you throughout life. How you figure your life number is very simple, you take your date of birth and add together all the numbers. Example: August 8, 1966
8+8+1+9+6+6= 38 3+8=11 1+1=2 Your LIfe Path Number is 2

By knowing the secrets of these numbers you can gain a greater insight into yourself.


1.  Creativity, independence, originality, ego, self starter, can do anything you set your mind to, leader.                                         2. Empathy, cooperation, consideration, over-sensitivity, co-dependence,balance, harmony.                                                                                      3. Artistic expression, sociability, friendliness, superficiality, wastefulness.                                                                               4. Practicality, application, loyalty, rigidity, repression, hard worker, detail person.                                                                 5.  Freedom, adaptability, travel, inconsistency, abuse of senses, needs mental stimulation.                                                           6. Love, responsibility, understanding, home, family, close friends, meddling, jealousy.                                                        7. Spirituality, mental analysis, wisdom, fault finding, suppression, loner.                                                                                8. Executive ability, management, power, money, materiality, unscrupulousness.                                                                       9. Artistic genius, humanitarianism, romance, emotionalism, dissipation, endings. 

11/2  Intuition, idealism, invention, insensitivity, fanaticism, emotional ups and downs.                                                                                                                    22/4  Practical idealism, material mastery, get-rich-quick schemes, viciousness.

Rev. Lynn offers Numerology Reports that can be delivered in person, by postal mail or e-mail and range from brief to extensive reports which may include monthly and yearly predictions.

For those of you interested In Spiritual Counseling through Astrology and Divination, contact Rev. Sonam Palmo at  



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