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Quotes Hi Ms. Rev. Lynn D i realized how much Ho'oponapono really helped in some really has been a tool for healing my inner child and my life has changed for the better with certain peices of wisdom. i learned to be still everyday, to go with the flow like water and to forgive myself and love myself...i realized everyday to speak with mindfulness to mean what you say and always search for starting to look for answers within. Im not perfect but im trying really hard..i even realized certain things about myself i never notice ..i always use to think i can help change things or peoples ways of thinking or feelings but the truth is i cant only they can. ..overall i want to thank you for your time and making me see how the answer for life is pretty simple and what i must never do is resist it :) you are truly a good person i hope you see greatness in you as much as i do.Im looking for a job and if i get it i will surely save enough money to get a reading in person. Quotes

Quotes Good information. Rev. Lynn got right to the heart of the problem. Very accurate. Some things came to pass weeks later when I had almost forgotten what had been said. Quotes
Simon - Los Angeles

Quotes My 2 daughters where very impressed after telling them a few things that Lynn told me about and bugged me for a while to take them to see her. So I did. After their visit with her, I heard about all the details for weeks, they where both very impressed. My last story, My best friend from Indiana came to visit me about 1 year after his wife of 45 years old passed away with cancer. It hit him very hard and has had a real hard time coping with her loss. He has been very involved in the spiritual world to help deal with his issues. I took him to see Lynn and he was very impressed with their meeting. She told him what he had gone through and what she was seeing in the near future. She told him very similar information another person told him. The first person he was to meet, he has already met and as predicted it did not work out just like it was described to him. He is ready to meet the next one ,that is the right one for him and he has the signs to look for when he meets her. Quotes
Part Two - Brad in Florida

Quotes This is something secret to me. I have had several readings over the years. I worked for a spiritual advisor and have had readings done across the country. Lynn is so in tune with her craft and she speaks of people who are important to me. To have a spiritual reading by a person that I have never seen in person and to be right on point. I was amazed at the reading I received on Monday. Lynn told me about a man I absolutely adore. He is afraid to let himself be with me because he may enjoy it and not have his usual controlled environment. He He and I have been friends for over 30 years, through bad marriages, kids, lost loves etc. But she speaks of him as if she knows him. Boy she was right on the money with him and in all readings we have had, I never once told her of his control issues. She told me he was feeling down. That is why he stopped by this saturday. When I say she is extrodinary, she can read. I can't get enough positive energy from her. Quotes
Femme Fatale, Virginia

Quotes My big sister Rhonda introduced me to Ms. DeLellis because I desperately needed answsers on numerous personal issues!. I'm a young 28 Yr. old single mother trying to raise a son. Lynn has been on point each and every time she does my readings. IT'S TRULY AMAZING BECAUSE SHE'S REAL, SHE'S SO REAL! The last time I talked to Lynn it moved me to Tears because I desperately wanted to hear from my mother who died of cancer 5 yrs. ago. She was able to communicate with my mother, tell me about my future financial situation, and my relationships. I am eternally grateful to my sister Rhonda for finding someone REAL and I'm 10x;s grateful for Ms. DeLellis for coming into my life. God Bless Lynn always and thank you. Quotes
Markiesha, Las Vegas, Nevada

Quotes I got in touch with Rev.Lynn at a time when I was feeling really low in my life and struggling with issues from the past and the present(guilt/abuse/career).Because of her encouraging tips and great insights which I received over a period of just a few days,I started experiencing greater clarity,a sense of freedom and an improved state of being.Everything she said in her readings about what was going on in my life was true.She is very gifted,loving,patient and knows how to lead you in the right direction....Blessings to Rev.Lynn. Quotes
Jimmy, New Zealand

Quotes I have been getting Spiritual Readings from Lynn for about five years. At a low time in my life I was referred to Lynn. A few months prior I was told that I would not have children. I struggled with that for a while but soon got over it with the help of God, my spouse and friends. I remember Lynn asking me if I was nervous, of course I was this was new to me, however she began explaining the process and free will.. She told me I would have a healthy baby, at first she thought a boy and then was told in a dream it would be a girl. I was pregnant by Sept. 2004 and Now have a healthy daughter. How Awesome is that! I am now a TRUE BELIEVER. Keep doing what you are doing Lynn Quotes
Yolanda, Virginia

Quotes Lynn has read me several times over the years. I was lucky enough to meet Lynn through some friends or as God calls your angels here on Earth. Lynn has truly helped me through difficult times. Her readings have always helped give me clarity or understanding on why things in my life are happening. Her readings are always right on! She has also suggested books to help understand why I am living the life I am. I have such a better understanding of life on Earth. Between her readings and her friendship I have grown spiritually. Quotes
Michele, Palm Harbor, Fl


Quotes I have had the pleasure to know Lynn for the past 4+ years. We have worked closely together and she has done both readings for me and her wonderful Numerology report. I find Lynn to be professional, calm, honest, knowledgable and accurate in her statements. Her website is well thought out and very pleasing to view. What I like best about Lynn and what makes her so valuable to those that know her is her genuine eagerness to help others. Debbie Brown, Quotes
Debbie Brown