Essence of the Divine



Quotes Rev. Lynn hit on so many areas that I was concerned with. It was my first reading ever and I was nervous and didn't know what to expect. She was so kind that I immediately felt comfortable and at ease. She really cared about me and my happiness and success in life. Thank you. Quotes

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Marlene in South Carolina

Quotes Rev. Lynn is friendly, caring, and kind. Felt like warm fuzzies. She hit a lot of points right on. I am looking forward to the predictions she made for me. Thank you. Quotes
Rosalee - St. John, US Virgin Islands

Quotes Excellent reading, right on the money.... Quotes
Joyce, Miami, Fl

Quotes Hi Ms. Rev. Lynn D i realized how much Ho'oponapono really helped in some really has been a tool for healing my inner child and my life has changed for the better with certain peices of wisdom. i learned to be still everyday, to go with the flow like water and to forgive myself and love myself...i realized everyday to speak with mindfulness to mean what you say and always search for starting to look for answers within. Im not perfect but im trying really hard..i even realized certain things about myself i never notice ..i always use to think i can help change things or peoples ways of thinking or feelings but the truth is i cant only they can. ..overall i want to thank you for your time and making me see how the answer for life is pretty simple and what i must never do is resist it :) you are truly a good person i hope you see greatness in you as much as i do.Im looking for a job and if i get it i will surely save enough money to get a reading in person. Quotes