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A New Day

Posted on January 18, 2012 at 3:20 PM

Today is a new day, filled with possibilities. Each new day is the same. All time gone before is now past, and today is the opportunity to start fresh, to follow our hearts to what we love; to change what no longer serves us in our lives and to move forward with great expectations for good.

It is all part of the path. What may appear to be negative may be necessary to bring us to our highest good. To open our eyes to new thought and broaden us through experience. How we react to each situation is a choice. We can choose to wallow in misery or decide to make the best of every obstacle that comes our way.

Positive thinking utilizing the Law of Attraction does bring more good to us. Even so, there are circumstances that arise that are part of the experience that is necessary for our spiritual growth. So this life on the earth will never be a Utopia. Our attitude, however, makes all the difference in our experience.

Today, make a choice to accept all that comes to you with gratefulness, knowing that it is part of your spiritual path.

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