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End of the World?

Posted on November 3, 2012 at 10:45 AM

There are so many predictions that the end of the world is near. Many of these predictions are based on the many natural disasters that we have been experiencing in recent years. We hear phrases like " A hundred year storm" and newscasters report that people who have lived in areas for 30 and 40 years have "never experienced anything like this." What no one speaks about and most are not aware of, is the effect of mass consciousness on our planet. We are all connected, not only to one another, but to nature. Since we are all energy, we are constantly having an effect on each other and on nature. So the more chaos is being experienced in the minds of people, the more we will see it reflected in society and in nature. In recent days and years, there has been a rise in radical thinking, and a mind set of separateness. A feeling of you against me, rather than a desire to work together for the common good. Greed and the desire for power at the expense of others is rampant and we have forgotten that we are all brothers and sisters. What we do to another person,we also do to ourselves.. Experiments with mass meditation have been proven to reduce crime significantly and these experiments have been repeated many times with the same results. And so it will be in nature. If we want a calmer nature, we will first have to find that peace within ourselves, begin to love each other and work together for the greater good. Until that happens, we will continue to effectively cause these disasters with or without the conscious knowledge that we are doing so. It is time to awake from our sleep.

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